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ServiceTonic, Much more than a Help Desk Software

ServiceTonic is the service automation and management software that enables business to manage easily and effectively each of their services.

Its unique multi-service capability lets companies take advantage of efficient service management in multiple areas of the company. ServiceTonic can be used for IT Service Management (ITSM), Customer Service and for any other service a company wants to automate, also called Enterprise Service Management.

IT Service Management

ServiceTonic includes a comprehensive functionality to help IT Departments automating and managing their IT Service aligned with ITIL best practices.

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IT Service Management

Customer Service

With ServiceTonic Customer Service Departments and Service Outsourcers have the right tools to keep customers satisfied while having full control of their daily operations.

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Customer Service

Enterprise Service Management

ServiceTonic goes far beyond IT and Customer Service. Virtually any other area of the company can streamline the delivery and management of services, including facilities, legal, HR, finance, ...

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Enterprise Service Management

qodeWhy ServiceTonic?

ServiceTonic combines flexibility, power and ease of use for you to automate and manage your services effectively. With ServiceTonic optimize costs, have more control and more satisfied users, all without programming.

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qodeOn premise or cloud?

Make your Choice. ServiceTonic is available on-premise (installed on your own servers) or cloud, always with the support of our support team.
Request a quote and we will advise on which method best suits your business needs.

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ServiceTonic Key Features

Service Desk and Ticket Management

Efficiently manage all kinds of incident and request life cycles by registering, prioritizing, categorizing, assigning, ...


Define your personalized dashboard with your own indicators and real-time access to critical data in an easy to use environment to better manage your service.

Customer Self Service Web Portal

Fully customizable Customer Web Portal allowing users to easily submit and track tickets, access to information and documents, ...

Aligned with ITIL

With ServiceTonic, adopting ITIL best practices within an IT Department is now easier than ever. Increase the quality of the service delivered by automating the main operational ITIL functions and...

Business rules and Workflows

Automate your business processes by creating all types of business rules and workflows. Control processes down to the smallest details including steps, ...

Reports and Queries

Create customized reports and generate them in your preferred format including PDF, Excel and HTML. Define your own search criteria to quickly create customized views.

SLA Management

Comprehensive SLA management for even the most demanding environments in which response to and resolution of incidents or requests is required in a...

Customer Survey

ServiceTonic surveys make it easy to collet customer feedback, manage it and analyze it.

Knowledge base

With ServiceTonic knowledge base leverage all internal knowledge and make it available to other agents and customers.

Everything your organization needs to manage your services
IT Service Management (ITSM), Help Desk, Service Desk, User support, Customer Service and much more.